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2023 Q1 - Release Notes
2023 Q1 - Release Notes
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As an alternative to purchasing a TetherBox appliance, TetherX is now available via a link to download the TetherBox software onto your own hardware. The software download is currently free with the standard channel-dependant license fee. The number of channels supported is dependent on the hardware specification.

Both downloadable image and VM images are available, Hardware specifications are on

If you have any questions or need further assistance, please contact


  • Camera AI Analytics Support - support for new AI analytics, eg: human detected; object in field; line crossing, etc.

  • Camera / Recorder Health Events - support for new event reporting including Network Change, drive health, etc.

  • Multiple Analytics Support - support for some newer implementations of ONVIF that sends multiple analytics as a single event.


  • Additional screen layout options - Add layouts for 7x7; 8x8; 9x9 and 10x10 to show a maximum of 100 cameras on a single screen.


  • Improved email addressing - emails are now addressed to the admin or owner of the system, with other users CC’d to the email.

Audit Log

  • Flagging is now a “Change” - when you filter the audit log by “changes”, this now includes if somebody flagged or unflagged an event.

Cloud Recording

  • Prioritise Flagged Events - previously, both flagged and regular footage were backed up in parallel, which could lead to flagged footage occasionally failing to back up on slow/inadequate connections. The new job processing system introduced to the TetherBox allows the prioritisation of flagged footage over other footage.

  • Flagged Events Missing - fixed a bug where older flagged events were protected but inaccessible through the TetherX platform in some cases.

Camera Management

  • Faster Status Updates - improved operation reducing the time taken for the camera state to reflect in the interface, from several minutes to approximately 10 seconds, this is particularly prevalent following configuration changes.

  • Improved Relay Compatibility - added support to control relays on cameras with older implementations of ONVIF, for example on older PTZ cameras.

  • Hikvision Compatibility - Added support to enable “Set Recommended Defaults” work with newer Hikvision firmware.

  • Provision-ISR Compatibility - Added support for newer Provision-ISR camera models.

  • Show MAC address - The camera MAC address is now shown in the table.

  • Better Online Status - Validates if the underlying network device is pinging on the network and displays status accordingly.

  • Better Camera Logs - Improved content on the Camera Logs detail to aid faster troubleshooting. Footage gaps are also more accurately reported when a recording path is not set.

  • More Camera URL Support - Support for certain no-name cameras use URLs that go against published standards, e.g. “/user=admin&password=pass&channel=1&stream=0.sdp?real_stream”.

Access Control Management

  • Multiple Access Control Systems per Timeline - Support for multiple access control systems (e.g. Paxton Net 2 servers) on a single timeline.

  • Better Paxton Net2 Error Handling - improved support to manage warnings and errors sent as API responses by some net2 servers.

  • Cross TetherBox Camera Mapping - Added the ability to select a camera from a Paxton ACU from another TetherBox, useful for sites with multiple TetherBoxes.

Alarm Panel Management

  • Better Sync - Introduced validation checkmarks sent by TetherX and TetherBox to ensure the configuration between the cloud and unit is synchronised.

ANPR & Parking Automation

  • Custom Logic - added the ability to add custom logic for applications like parking automation that require interactions with other systems, (eg: custom delays, multiple relays, etc.).

  • Matrix Display Configuration - Added a new configuration screen to enable and customise the operation of a matrix display (e.g. to show license plate numbers to drivers).

  • CSV and Excel Export - added support for exporting license plate information to a spreadsheet.

Network Management

  • Improved Tunnelling - improved the reliability and speed of opening new tunnels.

  • Re-Create Cameras on Full Network Scan - added support to re-create deleted cameras, which previously, would not be automatically re-created until the network device was manually deleted.

  • Devices Sync - Improved synchronisation between the TetherBox and TetherX to prevent certain devices will become missing or showing the wrong online status.

TetherBox Software

  • TetherBox Bootable and VM Images - ability to request a bootable image or VM image to use TetherBox software on your own hardware.

  • Factory Reset Improvements - Improved support to prevent the need to manually unplug any external drives and plug them in again after a factory reset, this is now handled automatically. Other improvements include performance and handling duplicate devices when replacing a TetherBox with another TetherBox.

  • Remote Reboot - Added the ability to remotely reboot the TetherBox.

  • Increased SSD lifespan - introduced internal changes to package the video files as a single step in memory, increasing the SSD lifespan by around 30%.

  • Reduce Software Footprint - the TetherBox software now requires under 6GB of space and can run alongside other software.

  • Better SSD Support - improvements to the SSD lifespan prediction algorithms and support for new SSD firmware and firmware that doesn't report a TBW figure.

  • Realtime Configuration Updates - immediate application of configuration changes (such as the Matrix display settings) without requiring a manual TetherBox reboot.

  • Handling of Old Network Devices - improvement to synchronisation to ensure that all devices deleted from a TetherBox are removed from the TetherX platform.

  • Better MAC Change Detection - report a device as offline when a MAC address changes but the IP address does not (as the device is different).

  • Better Sign Out Handling - added support to invalidate a user's token on the TetherBox to prevent login to the offline interface, when users manually signs out of TetherX.

  • Better Disk Utilisation Display - improved calculation of the percentage of storage used.

  • Swapping Drives Support - support added to enable the movement of a drive from one TetherBox to another, by automatically changing drive permissions to allow recording by the new TetherBox.


  • Billing Improvements - the ability to add more channels at a later date, improvements to the pre-billing email spreadsheet for clarity.

  • Faster TetherBox Updates - TetherBoxes update 50% faster on sites with a good Internet connection.

Bug Fixes

  • Reduce Load for Malfunctioning Cameras - code change to reduce the load on the system caused by misconfigured and faulty cameras.

  • Fix Intermittent Camera Flashing - fix a rare issue where a camera would randomly disappear for a few seconds in live view. This could happen every few days or weeks and could sometimes trigger a camera offline email. This was caused by the TetherBox thinking a configuration change was made when a state parameter changed (e.g. the video bitrate changed on the camera).

  • Fix Shutdown Button - fix the TetherBox shutdown button which could be intermittent for some users.

  • Don’t show “Offline” thumbnail after configuration change - previously, if a camera configuration was changed, this would cause some events to be generated with an “Offline?” thumbnail.

  • Improved External Drive Capacity - fix a rare situation where the TetherBoxes triggered a cleanup when external storage still had available space, leading to a reduced capacity with external storage.

  • Live View with Selected Location - fix a situation where the live view page would fail to load initially when a location is selected.

  • ANPR Expiration Label - fix a bug where cameras without cloud but with an ANPR subscription were showing “expiring” incorrectly.

  • Convert to DVR” Improvements - fix edge cases where this button would fail to operate.

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