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2023 Q2 - Release Notes
2023 Q2 - Release Notes
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Introducing TetherX AI

TetherX has developed an adaptable and trainable in-house AI solution, specifically designed to tackle a wide array of challenges. Our initial use case was developed to assist local councils with real-time rubbish detection - enabling swift response to littering or fly-tipping incidents, thereby maintaining clean and secure environments.

The versatility of our AI system allows the rapid deployment of multiple scenarios, from calculating occupancy rates in cinemas to weapons and smoking detection. Please let us know of any problems or business cases that can be resolved by our AI system by contacting us at for more details or to arrange a bespoke demo.


  • Better Email Addressing - Enables users who have registered multiple email accounts with TetherX to receive a separate email for each TetherX Account when registering.

User Management

  • Spreadsheet Export Improvements - improved styling of the Users CSV or Excel export, and the addition of a “2 Factor Authentication” column

Access Control Management

  • Improved Paxton Net2 Instructions - Including details of how to set up the Windows firewall and Net2 services for optimal operation with TetherX.

  • Setup Improvements - Reduced the time taken to start populating Net2 events from around 30 minutes to immediately.

Alarm Panel Management

  • Better SIA Alarms - Improvements to how SIA alarms are handled and generated for better compatibility with some IMMIX alarm receiving centres.

ANPR & Parking Automation

  • Whitelist/Blacklist Documentation - Addition of instructions to the TetherX knowledge base on how to set up ANPR rules.

TetherBox Software

  • Faster Startup - The TetherBox starts 30-80% faster, especially if there are many devices on the network.

  • Reduced Footprint - The TetherBox software footprint has been reduced by a further 20% compared to Q1/23, providing faster updates and more flexible deployment options.

  • Library Updates - Update to the major libraries and dependencies for better performance and to provide minor security improvements, for example, a newer version of the MQTT broker.

  • Wireless Access Point - Added support to enable TetherBoxes to act as a wireless access point for other devices on the network.

  • New Operating System - All TetherBoxes assembled from June 2023 will have a new operating system that improves performance and supports additional USB devices (e.g. modems, relays, etc).

  • Better NAS Support - Introduction of a separate table for any NAS devices in use with your TetherBox.

  • Faster Startup with Multiple Networks - TetherBoxes that have multiple networks now start between 50 and 90% faster depending on the number of network devices.

  • 64Bit OS on Raspberry Pi - more efficient memory and CPU use on Raspberry Pi, resulting in a 15% reduction in power consumption.

  • New Media Libraries - new libraries for better video stream compatibility and reduced CPU and RAM utilisation.

  • NVME and LVM compatibility - added support for self-build and installed hardware/OS that has an NVME drive or an LVM partition table.


  • Faster Firmware Updates - Along with other improvements, TetherBox firmware now updates a further 30% faster when compared with Q1.

  • Billing Flexibility - TetherX allows cloud storage quotas to be temporarily exceeded by a further 10% on the agreed package.

Bug Fixes & Improvements

  • Better Low Bandwidth Support - Resolved a problem with TetherBoxes with very poor Internet connectivity that sometimes failed to receive an SSL certificate, causing temporary loss of access to live view.

  • More Scalable - TetherX has internally switched to the EMQX MQTT broker, which allows increased scaling to millions of devices.

  • Stability Improvements - Fixed rare, minor bugs whereby TetherBoxes with very long uptimes (many months or years) may on rare occasions lose a camera from live view.

  • Performance Improvements - TetherX is now faster and 30-50% more responsive in day-to-day operation.

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