Create and store reference materials and non-video/audio files for a project in the Files section of Tetra Insights. Reference materials include things like your design prototypes, interview scripts, notes, etc.

Upload local files

To upload a new document, go to the Files section, then click “Add.” From there upload a file from your computer, add an external link, or integrate with Google Drive. Supported file types include jpg, png, gif, jpeg, svg, pages, ai, pdf, txt, docx, doc, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, and tiff files.

Create TetraDocs

TetraDocs are internal docked documents for note taking and report-creating. Your files open up in a window in the app so you can quickly reference them as needed! Under Files, click “Create TetraDoc,” give it a name, and hit “Create.” Your new TetraDoc will appear on the screen.

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