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Assets vs Files - What’s the difference?
Assets vs Files - What’s the difference?
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Assets and Files both serve important purposes within Tetra.

Assets are audio or video files that are auto-transcribed upon upload. Assets allow for video and audio playback and can be annotated, tagged, and synthesized into insights and highlight reels.

Files let you upload or link non-video/audio files for reference in your project. Currently, files cannot be analyzed or synthesized into insights.

Attaching a file to an asset

You can also upload files and link them to assets. In the Files tab, click the file you would like to attach, then click the paperclip icon to attach the file to an asset. Select the appropriate asset at click “Attach.” Your files open up in a window in the app, so you can quickly reference them as needed.

Soon Tetra Insights plans to extend all analysis features to Files as well. Stay tuned!

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