To upload your video and audio recordings for transcription you first need to go to the Assets page by clicking on the Assets icon in the navigation bar.

You can also navigate to the assets page from the dashboard by scrolling to the assets part of the dashboard.

Uploading New Assets

To add a video or audio asset to a project, click the “Upload Asset” button on the dashboard or in the Assets section and drag-and-drop your file or upload a file from your computer. Hit “Next” and wait for the upload to complete. This may take a few minutes depending on file size and your internet speed.

Next, select the language used in the media file. Click “Complete Upload” and transcription will begin.

Uploading Assets to Completed Live Notes

To add an asset to a completed Live Note, click on "upload recording" or click into the Live Note and then click upload. Select the asset you want to upload for the given Live Notes session and walk through the upload process. You can only upload one Live Note asset at a time.

Searching for an Asset

To easily find a particular asset within your project file, simply use the search bar.

Renaming an Asset

To change the name of an asset, click on the “Actions” symbol on the right. Then select “Edit,” type in a new name, and save.

Deleting an Asset

Deleting an asset within your project file is similar to renaming an asset. Click on the “Actions” symbol and select “Delete.” Then, confirm that you would like to delete the asset.

Start analyzing your newly transcribed asset by checking out Analyzing assets.

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