Tags and Metadata Tags are ways to classify your data and aid in your synthesis of insights.

  • Tags can only be used in annotations. Use tags to classify a moment or moments within an asset. (e.g. #painpoints, #excited, #ease of use#)

  • Metadata Tags are used to classify video and audio assets. Use metadata tags to add relevant information about the asset. (e.g. #PersonaType1 #TargetCustomer #NonUser)

Important Note: Tags & metadata tags are localized to a project.

Creating & Adding Tags to Annotations

There are a couple of ways to create tags. You can create them on the Tags page of a project or you can create them in an asset or annotation.

When on the Tags page, click “Add Tags” and use the modal to add a tag, add a color and a description to provide more context on what the tag is meant to be used for.

You can also create tags while making or editing annotations. Press the “#” button or type “#” and add the tag. To create a multi-word tag wrap the tag with a # at the end. (e.g. #ease of use#)

Creating & Adding Metadata Tags

Metadata Tags can be created on the tags page or in the situation, similar to tags.

On the Tags page within a project, navigate to the Metadata Tag tab. From there, click the “Add Metadata Tag” button. You can add a description and make multiple metadata tags without closing the modal.

You can also create Metadata Tags in situation. There are a couple of ways to create or add a Metadata Tag to an asset.

  1. Add it on the Assets page by selecting an asset and clicking on the "Add Metadata Tags" button.

2. When analyzing an asset, you can add a Metadata Tag under the name of the asset in the upper left hand corner or under the Metadata tab to the right.

Managing Tags & Metadata Tags

Along with creating, managing tags can be done on the Tags page. Edit color or description, and delete tags as necessary.

Copy Tags From One Project to Another

Teams often use similar tag taxonomy for various projects, instead of having to create them every time. There is an easy way to copy tags from one project to another. Simply go to Tags, select the tags and metadata tags you want to copy and press “Copy,” then select the project to which you'd like to copy them.

Use Tags and Metadata Tags in Synthesis

Tags and metadata tags are the way to synthesize in Tetra Insights. Selecting a tag or metadata tag brings up all associated annotations to use for synthesizing insights. For more information, go to the "Synthesizing your Analysis into Insights" article.

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