An Insight is a way to save the analysis done on the synthesis page for future use and to share with teammates and stakeholders. Insights are stored within the project they were created and in the Insights Hub. From either of these locations, you can view, share, and export your insights.

View an insight

Search and click on the title of the insight to jump into the details of the insight. You can then view the clips and annotations used to create it.

Share a link

Select “Share” on the Insights page or within an insight to create a link to share.

The link has 3 access settings listed below.

  • Public: Anyone with the link can view it.

  • Private with a password: Set a password. Anyone with the password can view it.

  • Tetra teammates only: The link can only be accessed by Tetra Insights users in your organization.

Remember to press "Update Access" to apply any setting changes.

Note: The link that is created does not change when you change the access settings.

Export as .mp4 or .csv

Click the “Export” button. You will then have the option to export a .mp4, a .csv, or both.

The .mp4 is a stitched clip of all the selected annotations in the order they are arranged during synthesis.

The .csv is all the data from those annotations, including the name of the project, start and end timestamps, the content of annotation, the user who created annotation, tags used, metadata tags used, snipped of transcript, date, and link to annotation in tetra insights.

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