When creating a new account click on the “Get Started” button on the www.tetrainsights.com website. This will take you to set up your free Tetra Insights account.

Note: If you are trying to join an already-established organization / company, someone from that team will have to invite you via email. By creating an account, you are creating an organization in Tetra for which you will be the admin for.

Provide Account Information

On the account creation modal you will need to provide Email, Password, Organization, Username and Full Name for your new Tetra Insights account. Then click “Register”.

Confirm your email

Upon setting up your initial account information, you will be required to confirm your email and activate your account. An email from info@tetrainsights.com with a link to activate your account will be sent to the email you provided. This link has a 24-hour expiration, so make sure to confirm your email within that window.

Ready to Go!

Once you click the "Activate Account" button, you will be automatically signed in and ready to use Tetra Insights!

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