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Creating Insights and the Insight hub
Creating Insights and the Insight hub
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In Tetra, an insight is a saved collection of annotations and tags that can be viewed, shared, and exported. An insight is a theme, finding, or conclusion that is backed up by evidence in the form of annotations and tags created and selected during analysis and synthesis.

Let's dig into how to create insights.

Create an Insight

To create an insight, you must first navigate to the Synthesis page, within a project.

From there, you are able to filter tags and metadata tags to render annotations created earlier in your analysis. You can filter annotations by using the tag bank on the left-hand side.

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Once your annotations appear, you will notice there is a small checkbox on the right upper-hand corner of each annotation. This denotes that the annotation is selected for sharing, exporting, or creating an insight.

You can deselect unwanted annotations, as well as order and re-arrange your annotations by clicking and dragging annotations up or down along the middle column.

Once you've set on the annotations and tags you want to use, simply click "Create Insight" and give your insight a name (up to 500 characters).

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Click "Save" to create your insight. The insight will be added to the Insights page in your project, as well as the Insight hub. You will also receive a blue confirmation bar at the top of your screen when the insight is created.

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Go to the Insights page to view, share or export your insights.

Click here for a deep dive into how to use the synthesize page

The Insight Hub

The Insight Hub is a way to view all of your insights across all of your projects in one consolidated place!

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To get to the Insight Hub, click on the below icon on the main side nav

In the Insight Hub, you can:

  • Quickly filter down your insights by using the search field. You can search for the title of an insight, the project an insight resides in, or who created it, simply by typing in the search bar.

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  • Click on an insight to view the insight in its project.

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  • Easily share your insight as a link or export as an mp4 or csv file. For more details on sharing and export, click here.

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