The Adventure Project was founded in 2010 by Jody Landers and Becky Straw with the vision of moving people out of extreme poverty by creating jobs. 

Our Co-Founder, Becky Straw, started The Adventure Project after spending three years helping launch the nonprofit, charity: water. As the third employee at charity: water, she spent the majority of her time in the field, vetting and funding local water organizations in 17 countries. However, 36% of all wells in Sub-Saharan Africa are actually broken, often because there are no spare parts, tools or trained mechanics nearby. Instead of drilling more wells, we decided to start an organization working to build local capacity by creating jobs that solve social problems. It is far more effective to keep wells working, than investing in new infrastructure and handouts. 

From there, our portfolio has expanded to create jobs that tackle challenges around health, hunger, water and the environment. Currently, we support job training for water well mechanics, health care workers, farmers and fuel-efficient stove masons. We called ourselves The Adventure Project because we support “ventures” that “add” something positive to the world. 

Read Becky and Jody's story and why they started The Adventure Project here.

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