The Adventure Project's solution for health is to train local leaders to become health care agents, so they can earn a living selling over 60 health products at affordable prices. Each person cares for approximately 800 people in their community, paying special attention to pregnant mothers and young children.

Community Health Promoters (CHP's) go door-to-door to teach families how to improve their health and wealth and sell life-changing products, such as simple treatments for malaria and diarrhea, safe delivery kits, fortified foods, clean cookstoves, water filters, and solar lights. By combining the best practices from business and public health, we are dramatically lowering child mortality AND creating livelihoods for thousands of enterprising women.

Our CHP's focus on four areas that participate the majority of child deaths but can be addressed at a low cost: treating childhood diseases, offering free pregnancy and newborn check-ups, improving nutrition and promptly referring acute cases to qualified facilities. 

This method reduces child mortality by 25% in their communities. Health care providers also earn an income by selling medical products at affordable prices while caring for approximately 800 people in their community. 

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