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Complete Line Items - When is revenue recognized?
Complete Line Items - When is revenue recognized?

Why are my orders not appearing in the revenue report?

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Revenue is recognized when the line items on the orders are marked completed/returned. Payment can be accepted in advance of the work being completed, but the revenue won't be recognized until the services/products on the order are marked completed/returned.

Click the 'Complete Line Items' button to mark the services/products as completed/returned.

Once all of the line items on an order have been marked as completed and saved, you will see the status of the order reflected as "complete". Line items can be marked complete individually and on different dates. The date the line item is marked complete will display directly beneath each line item.

The value of the completed line items has now been recognized as revenue and will show up on any of the revenue reports.  Please note that royalties are calculated on completed job revenue values. 

NOTE: Completed-On/Revenue dates are not editable. This is to ensure the data consistency of all recorded revenues. Always remember to complete your orders after you have rendered the services for the order!

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