Duplicating an order on your Job / Orders List is Easy! Keep in mind, only 1 order can be duplicated at a time. We have always had the 'Duplicate' feature included with the Jobs/ Orders List page, but now it is easily accessible in our NEW 'Actions' menu!

Select the order you wish to copy and click 'Duplicate'.  Then, select what parts of the order to copy and then click 'Confirm'.   A new order is created instantly!   

After duplicating your order, you can choose to 'Go To Order' or click 'Cancel'. You will find your newly duplicated order at the very top of your Jobs / Orders List page!

Click HERE to find out what else you can do with Bulk Actions!

(*Due to the configurability of the system's Language, Feature Location and Permission Level, descriptions and images may not be exactly as shown in your system)

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