From the Jobs / Orders List, select the checkboxes next to the orders that you would like to send emails to.  Then, click the 'Print' button.  (Limited to the amount of records displayed on your Jobs / Orders List, maximum 100).

After clicking 'Print', the orders will be grouped together in the right-hand menu based on their order status. For each order status, you will then have the option to select which invoice templates to print for each group.

Once you've chosen your invoice templates to print, click 'Print'!

*NOTE: The print preview opens in a new pop-up window. It is crucial to ensure that you allow pop-ups coming from your BPro system in your browser settings for this feature to work.   

**NOTE: Also, be aware that while the print preview window is open, it takes priority in your browser (this is common).  Your browser may appear frozen and you may find yourself unable to click on things in other windows while the print preview is open.  Ensure you complete the print process from the preview window or cancel to close it if you wish to regain control of your browser.

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