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How do I Accept Payment using Bulk Actions?
How do I Accept Payment using Bulk Actions?

Log payment against multiple orders simultaneously!

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From the Jobs / Orders List, select the checkboxes next to the orders that you would like to accept payment on.  Then, click the 'Accept Payment' button.  (Limited to the amount of records displayed on your Jobs / Orders List, maximum 100).

After clicking 'Accept Payment' for the selected orders, you will then have the option to choose the payment method, payment date and add any necessary payment notes. You will also see the option mark the selected order as 'Complete' and 'Closed' upon accepting payment. This can save you lots of clicks and time!

*NOTE:  If you are selecting many orders to accept payment on, as well as marking them 'complete and closed', this action will take time to process all of the associated data. Be patient, you will recieve a message in green at the top right of your screen when the accept payment action is completed.

**NOTE:  When selecting multiple orders to accept payment, you will only be able to choose 1 payment type.  Select orders that are being paid by the same payment type, (ie. 4 invoices paid by the check, or 3 orders that were all paid by cash etc).

***NOTE:  You can select 'Accept Payment' for just a single order on your Jobs / Orders List, saving you having to even gop into the order itself.

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