Managing your Quickbooks integration with BPro just got easier!     

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On your Quickbooks Settings page in BPro, you now have access to the 'Order History' log.  Click the order history button and continue to the instructions below.  

This basic log will allow you to see which BPro orders have successfully synced to Quickbooks.  In the log, you can also see all BPro orders that are eligible to sync, as well as orders that cannot be synced.  

Pictured Above:

Filter Results:  Say you want to see all unsynced orders (Have not been synced - but are eligible for sync).  Click the filter to 'show unsynced orders' then click the 'apply filter' button.  

Sync Now:  All orders that have been successfully synced or that are eligible for sync, will have a handy 'sync now' button to the right of their record in the log.  Click the 'sync now' button when you want to manually sync an eligible order over to Quickbooks.

What order are the results listed in?  The results are listed in order based on the date they were marked 'complete' in BPro, the most recently completed orders will populate at the top of the results. Each page of results will contain a maximum of 300 records per page to minimize the need to click through pages of results.

Filter by Order Number -  The order history log does have a search field to search by order number (pictured above in blue).  

Find Order by Customer Name - TIP: Use Control+F, or Command+F on a Mac, this is the keyboard shortcut for the Find command and will open a search box on your page. To search by customer name, just type the customer name in that search box and it'll locate the text you're typing on the page.

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