You can sync your BPro Calendar with any Google Calendar in just a few quick steps!

Step 1 - Click on your user profile section in the top-right corner of BPro.

Step 2 - Click the 'Google Calendar Sync' option listed in the menu.

NOTE:  You may see a pop-up warning. Please ensure you allow the pop-up.

Step 3 - Sign into the Google account that you would like to sync with BPro. If the account you want to sync with is not listed, select 'use another account'.

Step 4 - Allow BPro to access your Google account.


Once you allow BPro to access your Google Calendar, any events that you create on your BPro calendar will also be created on your Google Calendar.

Note:  *Only events created in BPro after the Google sync is completed will be created in your Google Calendar.  **Only events assigned to your BPro user will be eligible to sync over to your Google Calendar. Tip: Try assigning your user to the events using the 'technician/route-sheet' option. You can do this in bulk from the Home>Events page.


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