What are 'Pipelines'?

Pipelines allow you to set and track the progression of your Leads and Orders/Jobs within the system.  Our pipelines will help you to easily see where your opportunities lie, including their value, and can even help you track the workflow (the various stages) of your jobs.

How to Create a Pipeline?

You can create a pipeline quickly and easily from within the Pipeline Builder section of the Customize menu.  

First, you must set your pipeline 'type' to either apply to Leads or Orders/Jobs in the system.  

  • Lead-based pipelines allow you to track the progression of your Leads within the system, ie. From point of target to the point they are interested

  • Order/Job pipelines allow you to track the progression of Orders/Jobs, ie. From quote to closure.  

Next, you can name your pipeline and give it a description.  There is no limit to the number of pipelines you can create, so be sure to use the name/description to best reflect the purpose of your pipeline. 

Last, you can set your pipeline to 'Active' and even set it as your default pipeline to display when opening your Pipeline Board (hyperlink to board article).

What are 'States'?

States are the stages that exist within your Pipeline.  You can name your stages to reflect any part of your sales or workflow processes.  Ultimately, you can move your Leads or Orders through the states that you have created and assigned to your pipeline.  

How to Create States?

First, click the 'Create State' button. Next, you can set the name and description of your new State. 

You can also set the 'Weight/Win Percentage' that opportunities should have in each state. ie. For 'Initial Contact' state, I might give a weight/win percentage of 10% and for 'Won/Closed' state, I could give the weight/win percentage a value of 100%.  The Total Value of opportunities in a certain state is divided by the weight/win percentage assigned to that state, to come up with the total weighted/win percentage dollar value (see example below).

To Learn More about Pipelines, Click Here!   If you have any questions on the Pipelines Builder page, please send us a quick chat!

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