What are Interactions?

Interactions are a helpful feature that allow you to assign and track important touch-points related to your Leads, Clients, and Orders/Jobs, within the Better system.  They can even be assigned to the users in your system, so you can track who is responsible for completing the interaction. Interactions have the ability to display in the Calendar as interaction-based events.

We have 4 main interaction types in the system:

Call:  Awesome for saving your important calls. Great for remembering to follow-up with clients in the future.  Applicable to Leads and Clients

Email:  This is a great option for planning out your next email communication with your Lead/Client.  This will help you remember what you wanted to send, when, and why. Applicable to Leads and Clients. NOTE: Email Interactions do NOT save as events in the system calendar. To save an interaction event on the calendar related to an email, please use the ‘task’ interaction and name it accordingly.

Meeting:  Whether you have an important on-site or just meeting a partner for coffee, popping a meeting interaction in your calendar can help ensure you or your team don't miss it.  Applicable to Leads and Clients.

Task:  Tasks are new type of Interaction within the Better system.  They can be very helpful for tracking important and specific to-do's.  Specific tasks can be created within our Task/Action Builder page.  Applicable to Leads and Clients AND Orders/Jobs.

To learn more about Interactions, Click Here!

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