To look up an order from an Order Number, please follow the instructions below:

Click on the "Home" menu button that can be found to the left of the screen, Click on the "Order List" (Note that the title could be different  if this has been changed in your system: e.g. Job List, Appointment, etc...)

When the initial list comes up, you can search by Order number in a couple of ways: 

First, you can enter the job number in the search feild here:

Or you can search right in the Order # column by clicking on the search icon here:
(your columns may be in a different order - depending on the view you are using)

When you do this, a little box will appear, just type your order number into the box and you are good to go! 

Once you press enter, the order you are looking for will appear for you!

If it does not, verify that the number was entered correctly and/or confirm the number with the customer.

If you are still having trouble, chat into us, we will help you! 

Have a great day! 

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