Please Note: The name "Customer Property" may not be used in your store (as it may be changed to suite your specific store), they are also known as "Customer Assets". Common uses for the customer properties are tracking work done on pets (in a Pet Grooming store) or tracking work done on cars (in an Auto Detailing store), however there are many more uses for customer properties. 

Customer property can be accessed from the customer profile, under the Customer Property tile.  Press the "+" button to create your first customer property:

After pressing the "+" sign, you can begin entering key information on the property as well as add other fields. You are able to search by your Property Name (2014 Challenger) on the Customer List page to make them easy to find. When you are filling out the form, notice how your questions (Orange) go on the top line and your answer (Green) goes on the line below.

You can also attach files, including pictures. If you are using our Bpro App, you can upload pictures directly from your smart phone or tablet! Once saved, you can view the property by pressing on the newly created property tile to get access the information:

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