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How do I create a customer property? How do I assign the customer property to jobs?
How do I create a customer property? How do I assign the customer property to jobs?

Also known as Vehicle Profile, Cars, Event Details, and Vehicles

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The Customer Property feature allows you to create a profile of something related to the client. It is a flexible feature that allows you to document important information relating back to the client. You might create a profile of their home if you are a window cleaning company, and document how many windows they have. If you are auto detailer, you might create a customer property profile of their vehicle ie. make, model, colour.

Customer property can be accessed/created from the customer profile page, or the customer information section within estimate and jobs.

When creating a customer property (or customer 'asset') profile, you can give it a name (required) and a description (optional). If you give your template a 'Quick Copy' name, it will be saved as a template that can be used to gather similar info for other customers, too.

Next, you can record questions and answers (optional - not required). Click 'add field' to add more custom questions and answers. You can add as many fields as you need. The customer property feature is very much like a custom form builder.

You can also attach multiple files, including pictures, simultaneously. If you are using our BPro on your mobile device, you can upload pictures directly from your smart phone or tablet! Once saved, you can view the property by pressing on the newly created property tile to get access to the information:

You can even assign customer properties to your quotes and jobs. When a property profile is assigned to a job, it tracks the order history tied to that property. This is very handy when your client has multiple 'properties' that you service for them. Whether it is multiple homes, multiple cars, or multiple pets, attaching the property to the job can help keep track of when you serviced the 'property' over time.

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