Before you can schedule an event/appointment, you will need to create an order.  Learn how to create a new order here.  

Events are used to book times for services, rentals and other events you need to track and assign within an order.  You can scheduled multiple events on an order, only the first event will show on the invoice for Service and for Rentals it will show the first "Out" and the first "In" events.

In order to schedule an event, you must be within an order.  From the "scheduler" tile, you can view previously scheduled events and create new events.

To create an event, press the "+ event" button or press on the day and time you would like the event to begin:

You can also click right in the calendar on the date/time you want to assign it automatically:

After pressing the time you will have the ability to add in event details such as date and time, which asset you would like to book and which employees you would like to assign. 

If you schedule onto a Mobile Unit, it is mandatory that you enter a service address. You can choose one of the addresses on file, Global Address, or simply create a New Address.

Once you save the event by clicking the checkmark at the top-right it will appear on your calendar.

Nice work! You have now scheduled in your job!

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