Closing an order is extremely important!

Closing an order triggers revenue to be recognized on all reports!

A closed order is an order that has been fully completed and has a $0 balance owing..

To close an order you must:

  1. Have a remaining balance of $0.00.

  2. Have the close tab fully completed.

For Service Based Companies:

Under the Close Job tab of the order process, you will see the following screen where you can select which services have been completed:

You can manually select which items have been completed or can select "complete all" to complete all the entries.

Once you've tagged the appropriate entries, you can press the "Close" button to close the order.

If you have only completed certain aspects of an order, the close status will be "partial".  

For Rental Companies: 

The Close tab may be called Rental Returns, Returns and Close or something else if you had changed the label. This tab will work similar to the description above but you can also track for your Rental products if they are Returned, Damaged, or Missing. You can still mark the order as Completed as long as the Service Products have been checked off as completed and you then save. It is not dependent on the rentals being returned.

The amount that you mark as Returned, Damaged, or Missing has to equal the amount that went out on the order. When you mark an item as Damaged or Missing you will see an option to "Charge" your customer the retail price of those products.

**This does not automatically take them out of your inventory availability**
Once the Checkout Tab says $0.00 you will be able to Close this order.

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