Repeat Sales Opportunities

Repeat sales opportunities are ideal for keeping customers with regularly occurring
events like birthday parties, periodic services, or regular maintenance. Think of it as a digital sticky note to remind you to reach out to your customers again when they are 'due' for service. They allow you to proactively contact your customers and help you to continue to grow your business.

How to Create a Repeat Sales Opportunity

There is one place to create a repeat sales opportunity reminder:

  1. When you accept payment in-full for an order.

Once you accept full payment on a BPro order, you will be shown the following at the top-right of your page:

To create a repeat sales opportunity, press the radio button beside "Remind me to contact this customer again".

A calendar will then appear where you can set the date to remind yourself to contact your customer.  Select the appropriate date and click the check-mark button to save!

To view your repeat sales opportunities, go to the repeat sales opportunity report located in the reports menu item.

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