Cloned/Duplicated Jobs/Orders

The ability to clone a job/order gives you an easy way to copy a previous order. If a customer asks for the same order as their previous time, you can create the order in just a few clicks. Cloning is meant to make the process of recreating previous orders quick and simple.

How to Clone/Duplicate a Job/Order

You can clone an order in three locations within Better. You can clone an order within a customer's profile under the Jobs/Order tile, you can clone an order while you are in a job/order in the Manage Tab or you can clone an order from the jobs/orders list.

Cloning/Duplicating from a Customer's Profile

To clone an order within a customer's profile, you first need find the customer's previous order within the CRM. 

To enter the customer's profile, use the customer list and use the search field to filter your list. You can search customers in multiple ways. In the example below, we are looking to clone an order Anastasiya Kruchkevych previously made


After locating your customer in the customer/client list, click on the name to enter their CRM profile and then click on the jobs/orders tile. Then click on the duplicate job button.

On the Duplicate Job dialogue box that comes up, select the items you want to copy over by either clicking select all or clicking on the specific items and then click on confirm. The new job/order number will appear as the first job/order on the Jobs/order list within the customer profile.

Cloning/Duplicating from within a Job/Order

From within the specific order you wish to clone, click on Modify Job Settings tab, under the Manage Tab and then click on Duplicate.

Then select the items to copy from the Clone Job/Order form that appears to your right and click the check-mark to save. Then the new order will be created and displayed on your screen.

Cloning/Duplicating from within the Job/Order List

Open the job/order list from the Home tab, select the job/order you wish to clone/duplicate by clicking on the box next to the job/order number and then click Duplicate.

On the Duplicate dialogue box that appears, select all the job/order specific items to apply by clicking select all or click on the box beside each item to select it. Then, click confirm to save and a new job/order is created with the features selected, carried over.



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