Cloned/Duplicated Orders

The ability to clone an order gives you an easy way to copy a previous order. If a customer asks for the same order as their previous time, you can create the order in just a few clicks. Cloning is meant to make the process of recreating previous orders quick and simple.

How to Clone/Duplicate an Order

You can clone an order in two locations within BPro. You can clone an order within a customer's profile under the Order History tile or you can clone an order while you are in an order in the Manage Tab.

Cloning/Duplicating from a Customer's Profile

To clone an order within a customer's profile, you first need find the customer's previous order within the CRM. 

To enter the customer's profile, use the customer list use the search field to filter your list. You can search customers in multiple ways. In the example below, we are looking to clone an order John Johnson previously made.

 After locating your customer in the customer list, press the pencil icon to enter their CRM profile and locate the Customer Orders tile.

Once you've located the order, press the caret icon: 

On the right to open up the dropdown menu. In the dropdown menu, you will find an option to Clone/Duplicate Order, press it to continue the cloning process.

After you press "Clone/Duplicate Order" the following SmartBoard will appear. Press the checkboxes for the items you want to copy from the previous order to the newly cloned order. For example, for John Johnson's order we are choosing to copy only the order cart. Once you've selected the items you want to copy, press the blue checkmark in the top right to create the cloned/duplicated order.

You will be taken to your newly cloned/duplicated order. The previous order had the order number 598867, the new order has the order number 598965. The order cart was copied and all the items of the previous order are already in the cart.

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