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How do I create a flex product?
How do I create a flex product?
Need a quick way to add a service or a product to an order? Need to account for a tip?
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Flex products allow you create a product or a service within the order cart.  

However, flex products do not hold inventory like regular products. But, they can still be used during reporting of revenue, payments, or product history. After a Flex product is created, it can be used for one order or saved for future orders. 

Flex products are useful for creating and tracking extra fees, additional services, or any custom one time services or products. All Flex products added to the cart will appear on the invoice for that order.

How to Create a Flex Product

Flex products are created inside an order. Once you have created an order press the "Cart" tab. Below is an order for James Harris, in the quote state, in the cart tab (highlighted in blue), below this will be all the products or services.

In the picture above, the section below the search bar allows you to choose your Product Type. Please click on the "Flex" option to view your current list of Flex Products and also create new ones by clicking "Add Flex Product".

Press the plus button to create a flex product.

The flex product creation form will appear right below the "Add Flex Product" section. The following attributes are available for each flex product that is created:

  • Product Name: The name of your product. This will be the identifier for your flex product in the future. (Mandatory)

  • Product Description: The description for your product. Enter a brief description for your product or service. The description can appear on the invoice, the setting to do this is located in the Invoice Builder. (Optional)

  • Product Type: The product type of your flex product. Every flex product will have the "Flex" product type in addition to what you set in this field. These are used in reporting and tracking certain types of products. (Mandatory)

  • Product Class: The product class of your flex product. Product classes are created in the Bpro Settings, and are used to group products into smaller, more easily manageable groups. These are used in reporting and tracking certain classes of products. (Mandatory). This will also define if this product is going to have tax applied to it or not depending on the category.

  • Cost: The cost of the flex product to your business. This is used for reporting and determining revenue. (Optional)

  • Selling Price: The price of the product for your customers. (Mandatory)

  • Image: The image shown in your cart. These images can appear on the invoice, the setting to do this is located in the Invoice Builder. (Optional) 

There are also two checkboxes at the bottom of the flex product creation form:

  • Add to cart: If this checkbox is checked, the product will be added to the order cart upon creation. (Hint: this will save you from having to press "ADD TO CART" after the product is created.

  • Re-Use This Product: By default, this checkbox will be checked. If this checkbox is checked, the product will be able to be used again in future orders. If this checkbox is unchecked, the product won't be saved or usable in future orders (it will only be usable for the order it is created within).

Below, is an example Flex Product. The flex product has been named "Example Flex Product", which has no product description, has been set to have the "Service" product type, "Custom Service" product class, has 0 cost to the company, the selling price of 250, an image has been uploaded, and we've checked the "Re-Use This Flex Product" checkbox.

To save a flex product press the Save button at the bottom of flex product creation form. The newly created flex product will then appear in the list of your product and services. 

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