Our Timesheet Report allows you to determine the total logged Punch-Clock time by your users (in hours/minutes) for any period. This report provides the ability to filter on a specific date or date range and filter for specific users.

You can filter this report by clicking the filter button in the top-right side of the page. In the filters, you can select a specific user or all of your users to populate the results. You can also filter for punch In/Out records by the date range in which they were logged by using the 'Punch In/Out Date Range' filter. 

(Tip: If you select a 'Punch In/Out Date Range' in the filters but do not select any users,  you will pull all records from the selected period, for ALL users.) 

The report is split into two different sections:

Data Layout: Displays every individual clock/punch in and out for the selected period.

Summary: Sums all hours worked, per user, within the specified date range. The summary will also show the total gross earnings if an hourly rate of pay is saved in the user's profile (Click Here to learn how to set a rate of pay for your users). 

The Time Sheet Report can be used for multiple purposes including, but not limited to:

  • Compare total hours worked during a specified date range (day to day, week to week, etc) per user or as a company.

  • View overrides, lunch breaks, and notes left by users (by clicking on any time report)

  • Easily export to a CSV by clicking the 'Export' button in the top-right of the page.

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