Before beginning a QuickBooks sync, please contact a member of the Support team who can assist you!

QuickBooks Sync is configured by going to Customize -> QuickBooks Settings (under More). If this section isn't visible, the user should contact BPro support to ensure that the feature has been enabled on the system. 

The first thing the user will be asked to do is the connect to their QuickBooks Online account and grant access for BPro to communicate with one of their companies.

The first time they use QuickBooks Sync they will be asked to initiate a full synchronization of their data. This is meant to combine the data from both systems and ensure that new data or changes to existing data in BPro will be automatically synced to their QBO account from that point forward. 

The settings on this page will control what data is synchronized and must be completed carefully before triggering the first sync - they impact not only this sync operation, but all sync's to come. The user can change these settings later by simply starting a new sync.

  • "Records found only on QuickBooks" or "Records found only on BPro"Records that exist on one system, but not the other can either be "created" or "ignored". Creating them simply means that we will create the item, while ignoring it means that we will not create it. Any data that relies on an ignored item will also not be created.
  • Synchronize all records found or Synchronize records from the following dateThis setting controls which records we will synchronize between systems, but it only affects Customers, Invoices and Payments.We will always sync products, product categories, payment methods, sales terms and taxes - regardless of the dateIf a date is selected then we will only sync customers, invoices and payments that were created on or after that dateNote: if a customer created before this date is used in a new order the customer will be synced to QBO
  • Refund PaymentsThis setting controls which QB account refund payments will be issued from. Without this, we cannot sync Refunds that are entered on BPro to QBO.Common examples to use here are "Checking account", "Refund account", "Petty Cash", etc. This is a bank account, not just any account that they wish to track it to. QuickBooks tends to be a bit picky about this value.
  • Payment MethodsThe list of payment methods is used to control which payments will be synced to QuickBooksIf a payment method is unchecked it means that any payments associated to that payment method will not be imported from QBO or exported from BProThis can be useful for users who use an external payment processor that integrates directly into QBO for which they would not want payments that are entered manually into BPro to be double-entered into their QBO account

Below the settings is a summary of the records that were found on QBO vs BPro, based on the filters above. These are raw counts of what was found in the system and do not necessarily reflect how many records will be created in one system or another - it simply means that we located x records of each type and we will process them as part of the sync. The end result should have both sides showing the same numbers* if you were to initiate a new sync afterward.

*Sales Term is the exception to this as BPro currently only has 5 sales term options, so regardless of how many they have QBO there will only ever be 5 in BPro

Once you initiate the sync the items will be loaded and processed in sequence. Depending on how much data is in the customer's system this may take some time to process. The user does not have to monitor the sync progress and can proceed with using BPro without fear of impacting the sync. They should return to this page later to confirm the completion of the sync and review any notes that may require their attention.

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