Before beginning a QuickBooks sync, please contact a member of the Support team who can assist you!

QuickBooks Desktop can be connected to BPro using the QuickBooks Web Connector program. This is a free add-on for QuickBooks Desktop that is developed by Intuit for the purpose of sharing data between QuickBooks and third party programs like BPro. 

Download the Web Connector (if not installed already)

Most versions of QuickBooks install the Web Connector automatically, however, if you do not have it installed you can download it for free from this page: If the web connector is already installed on your computer you can skip to downloading the QuickBooks Desktop Configuration file below.

Simply go to the website above and download Version by clicking the "Download, unzip and install the QuickBooks Web Connector" link. 

Once you have downloaded the file, locate the file in your downloads directory and right-click on it to extract the contents. Ensure that you have completely closed out of QuickBooks Desktop before continuing. Next right-click on the file "QBWebConnectorInstaller.exe" and choose to run as administrator. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the installation and then you can move on to the next step. 

Download the QuickBooks Desktop Configuration File

To connect QuickBooks Desktop to BPro you must download and import the configuration file from your BPro system. 

  1. First, log in to your BPro system
  2. Next, expand the "Customize" section of the left side menu
  3. Choose "QuickBooks Settings", located under the "More" heading
  4. On the QuickBooks Connection screen you should see two large buttons; one that says "Online" and the other that says "Desktop". If you do not see "Desktop" please contact your support rep to request that this feature be enabled on your account. 
  5. Next you will see the QuickBooks Synchronization Options screen which allows you to customize the settings that will control what data is synced between your QuickBooks Desktop program and BPro, but first you must finish setting up the connection between QuickBooks Desktop and BPro. Click the "Download Configuration" button to continue. 
  6. A file named "bpro_quickbooks_web_connector.qwc" will be downloaded to your computer. You can double-click this file to open it, which will automatically load the QuickBooks Web Connector program.
  7. You will be asked to authorize BPro to communicate with your QuickBooks Desktop program - choose "OK". Note it is possible that you may be asked to grant QuickBooks Web Connector access to connect to Desktop as well - you will need to allow this as well. 
  8. Once accepted you will see a new item appear in the Web Connector list named "BPro QuickBooks Web Connector". This will control when BPro can communicate with Desktop. It is recommended that you enable the Auto-Run feature with a frequency of 60 minutes. 
  9. You will be asked to enter a password to complete the setup - this can be found on the QuickBooks Settings page in BPro by clicking on the "QuickBooks Password" button 
  10. Simply paste that password into the password box on Web Connector 
  11. Finally, select the box on the left side of the list and click "Update Selected" at the top of the window. This will tell QuickBooks Desktop to connect to BPro and complete any requests that are waiting for it on the server. You should see a green success message indicating the date/time that the connector ran. 

If you see a red error message that indicates an error, such as "Invalid username/password" or any other message, please first try re-entering the password into the box provided and clicking update. If that does not resolve the issue, please contact your BPro success coach for additional troubleshooting.

Congratulations! You have successfully configured your QuickBooks Desktop program for synchronization with BPro!

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