How to Edit a Team Member

To edit a team member, click on Team Members. Each team member has their own profile located on the Team Members page under the Home tab.

You will now be presented with a list of all your team members. Click on the name of the team member you want to edit. 

When you press the edit button, you will enter the profile of your team member.

When you enter a team member's profile page, you can change their First Name, Last Name, and Gender. You are also able to add a picture of your team member by clicking the grey person icon on the left of the profile. 

There are a few mandatory fields when creating a team member: to save a new team member you must set a login, password, and a permission.

There are 4 other areas to enter and edit information, they are collapsed within the Profile, Contact, HR, and Social bars. If you click on of the bars, it will expand and display all the fields to enter or edit the information.

Professional Details

The profile section of a team member's profile contains the information for how they access the software. Here you can input the company they are working for, their start date, termination date, probation date, department, job type, and position.

Personal Information

The contact section of a team member's profile contains the information for how someone would get in contact with the team member. You can store information on their home address/emergency contact information such as street address, city, province/state, country, postal/zip code. You can also store contact information such as home phone number, work phone number, a secondary email address, and their email signature.


The HR section of team member's profile contains the information necessary for someone responsible for staffing your employees. This information would be used in payroll and other HR management tasks. You can store their pay and payment rate, and upload a copy of their contract to their profile in this area of their profile. You can also store information about vacation time, their used vacation time, sick days, their used sick days, and the number of times your team member was late. Finally, you can set a contract review date, and store any notes about communication between you and your team mate in the communication log.


The social section of a team member's profile contains the social media account URLs for a team member.


If you're editing a team member select the save button in the top right of the page. If you're viewing a team member you can use the arrow button to return to the list of all your team members.

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