Customer intel pieces are used to separate or classify your customers into groups or categories in order to better target them (Ex: Commercial, Residential, Dealership, etc). More specifically, intel pieces can be used for, but not limited to:

  • Targeting specific groups for email marketing campaigns (ex. sports vehicle vs. family vehicle for detailing promotions)

  • Quickly searching customers within specific groups (Commercial Clients)

  • Tagging customers with important information (ex. "Do not call")

  • And much more...

Creating Intel Pieces

Click on the “Customize” tab in the menu along the left side of the software then click on “Customer Intel Builder”.

Next, click “Add Customer Intel”. Once the “Create Intel” page appears, give it a name, description (optional), and indicate whether it is a parent (top level) or a child (as a sub level to a parent intel piece). 

Once all of the mandatory and optional information has been entered, click “Save”. The user can also indicate whether or not they want the Intel Piece to be ‘Active’ or not (i.e. whether or not it will be available when assigning intel to customers or not).

Once the Intel Piece has been saved (and set to active), it will now appear as a selectable check-box in the list of intel pieces in which can be assigned to a customer.

Creating Intel Piece Children

Child intel pieces are a great way to group or classify customers even further; as they are only selectable after their parent intel piece has been assigned. For example, the parent intel piece could be which type of vehicle a customer owns (Truck, SUV, Car, Sports Vehicle, Limo, etc) in which the children of each of these choices could be the specific colour of the vehicle (red, blue, white, black, etc). This will allow the user to target very specific customer groups (i.e. all customers that own a blue SUV).

There are 2 similar ways in which a child can be created and assigned to a parent intel piece:

Option 1

Follow the same steps above; however, assign the child to a ‘Parent’ intel by selecting the parent under "Parent Intel". This intel piece will then become a child in the “Parent Intel” field.

Option 2

Edit a previously created ‘Parent’ Intel piece, click on “Children”, then click “Add Child”.

How do I attach Intel Questions to an Intel?

Before intel questions can appear in a customer profile, they must be added to a piece of intel:

From this screen you can one or multiple series of intel questions to this intel type:

With the appropriate intel questions assigned to the intel piece, once a customer has been tagged with the intel piece, the intel questions will not appear as normal.

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