What is cache?

"Cache" is previously loaded data that has been stored by the internet browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc) in order to decrease the amount of time in which the user waits for the page to load the next time it is accessed.

Why should I clear my cache?

When you clear your cache, you are simply emptying it so that the web page must reload everything again as fresh data. After a software update, the web pages can be configured (coded) slightly, or largely, different; however, your browser cache attempts to load 'old' code. Therefore, it is beneficial to clear your cache after changes have been made to the code of the software.

1.  Clear Cache in Google Chrome (PC)

2.  Clear Cache in Google Chrome (Mac)

3.  Clear Cache in Google Chrome (Android) 

4.  Clear Cache in Google Chrome (iPhone)

Clear Cache of BPro App

The BPro app runs off of your Google Chrome browser.  Please clear your Google Chrome browser on your mobile device (see above steps 3 & 4).

5.  Clear Cache in Mozilla Firefox

  1. (Optional) To skip steps 2-4, press (ctrl + shift + delete) button on your PC keyboard or (command + shift + delete) on your Mac keyboard while you are in the Firefox browser. If you complete this step (step 1), skip to step 5.

  2. In the upper right-hand corner of the browser, click the ‘hamburger’ icon

  3. Click on the “History” icon

  4. Click on “Clear Recent History…”

  5. From the clear history pop-up box, click on the drop-down arrow to the left of “Details”

  6. Uncheck all of the boxes (so that you will not lose any history, passwords, etc), leaving the “Cache” still checked.

  7. Next, we recommend that the “Time range to clear:” is set to “Everything”

  8. Click “Clear Now”

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