A "Bundle" is a way to group your products together, for a number of different reasons. 

For rentals, it could be that you're looking to track inventory for a number of sub-products that you don't want to show on the invoice. An example would be a 20 x 30 Tent (Bundled Product) and the bundle pieces would be the legs, straps, poles and other inventory items you would need to put up that 20 x 30 Tent. 

For services, it may be that you want to track a number of sub-services that are done with each main service that will be done for the customer. An example of that would be for a cleaning company. If they had a main product called "House Cleaning" but wanted to include "Bedroom", "Bathroom", etc as part of the specific services that they provided in relation to that main service.

The first step in creating your bundle begins in the Product Builder, which can be found under the Customize menu > Products and Services > Product Builder > Product Profile > Toggle on Bundles at the bottom of page.

When creating a Bundle, it is important to know that you are unable to use a product that is existing on orders as your main bundle product. If that is the case, you will have to delete it off of those orders or create a new product and set the other to  "inactive."

You have to go into the Products Profile and scroll to the bottom to toggle on the Bundle option. This will create a new Bundle menu option just below.

Once you click on that new "Bundles" option, you will now be in the Bundle creation screen. The first option you will see is if you want to create it as a Dependent Bundle. This means it will depend on the lowest availability of the bundle pieces you choose to add. Once you have decided if it should be dependent or not, you can start typing in the names of the items you want and click "add" to include them in this bundled item. If you turn this on, please make sure that "Inventory Level Tracking" is turned ON or it will not be tracking your availability.

After you click add you will see it appear below. This is now where you can decide the Bundle Price (Orange) and the Bundle Quantity (Blue). If you leave the Bundle price empty it will use the selling price the product uses or it will be overridden if you enter a different price. The Bundle Quantity is how many of the product do you need to create your final bundle product. That is also what Dependent Bundles will be looking to see if it is available. Both the price and quantity can be changed in the order. 

Once you have entered all of the necessary pieces, simply click "Save" and you are good to go!

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