If a user wants to change their QuickBooks Sync settings from using one QBO account or company to use a different one they can do so by disconnecting BPro from their QBO account and reconnecting, choosing the new company instead. Upon doing so they will be prompted with the following warning:

At this point they must contact BPro support to complete the process and clear their connection history with QBO. 

Before taking this action, it is very important to consider the reasons for doing so as this action cannot be undone

Cases where disconnect/reconnect is the correct solution:

  • User accidentally chose the wrong account or selected the wrong company after reconnecting, but before the initial sync was run - no data has been synchronized between QBO and BPro.

Cases where resetting the QuickBooks connection history is the correct solution:

  • User specified the wrong company during initial set up, but has already completed a full synchronization
  • User has sold their business to another person who is taking over and has their own QuickBooks account
  • User is setting up a new QBO company or has purged historical data from their existing QBO account and wants to start over

It is strongly recommended that the user discuss their circumstances with the BPro support representative before any action is taken

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