Creating a backup

When using the QuickBooks Desktop Sync with BPro we recommend making frequent backups of your offline data. This can be done within QuickBooks Desktop by going to File -> Backup Company -> Create local backup.

You will be prompted to select the type of back up (choose "Local backup")

and then "save it now"

This will ask you to choose a location and name for the backup of your company and then will proceed with creating the file. Once this has finished you will be able to restore to this version of your company anytime you like.

Note: From within these settings you have the ability to schedule regular backups (ie. daily/weekly) and this will help ensure you always have a recent copy of your company if you need to restore to it.

Restoring from an existing backup

To restore from a previous back up file, simply choose File -> Backup Company -> Restore Previous Local Backup and then choose the file you wish to restore to. You may wish to create a new back up of your company before doing so as any data entered more recently will be lost.

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