Our new order process allows you to provide your jobs with a name of your choosing. Names can also be applied to any estimates that are created.

Applying a name to an estimate or job is very straightforward. You will see the option to do so in the top section of the order. There is a pencil icon underneath "Job Name" which allows you to click into, type in the name, and then assign with the green checkmark.

There is also another way to provide a name to your jobs. The second way of doing this would be if you are creating your jobs the route of "With Option". This is a quicker way to get jobs created and it starts with a pop out menu. You will see an option within the pop out menu to provide your estimate or job a name from the start.

These names will be displayed on your quotes and invoices when you go to display, print, or email them. You will also be able to search and filter your quotes or orders by name within the Quote List and Order List.

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