We have made it very simple for you to accept payments on your jobs and get paid. There must first be cart items added to your job to create a balance owing on it. Once cart items are added you will see the total amount owing and this would be the total to be reconciled. There are two areas to accept payments in the job. One area is found at the top of the screen and the other is found near the bottom.

We give you the ability to accept the full payment at once or take several different payments. You will see this upon clicking on the "Accept Payment" option and receive a pop out menu. There will also be the option to classify what payment type it was. We have defaults of Cash, Check, Debit Card, Credit Card, and Account. However, we have an article here which explains how you can add in further options that you'd like. Lastly, you have the ability to add a payment note. The payments have the option to be included or hidden on the invoice which you will see an option for as well. Simply click "Accept Payment" upon working through the pop out menu.

All payments that are taken will then be displayed at the bottom of the job. You will also be able to see all payments on our "Accepted Payments" report. This report can be filtered down as well to make it easier to find specific payments that have been received.

Note: You are also able to resolve a payment on the Accounts Receivable report.

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