You now have the ability to schedule multiple/different events within the same job.

Scheduling the events on the job is done within the Appointments section. Simply navigate to this area and you will see an option titled "Create Appointment". Once you click on that option, you will be brought to a pop out menu where you will fill out the necessary information for your event. The date and times are required fields, but the rest are optional fields. Feel free to use the fields as you feel necessary and then simply click Save to save your first event on the job.

You will now see the event on your job screen with the details that were filled out in the pop out menu.

To create a second event on the job, you simply just need to click on the "Create Appointment" option again. This will then pull out the same pop out menu to fill out in regards to the second event. Once saved, you will then see your second event populate on the job screen.

You have the ability to continue adding as many events as you'd like taking the same steps listed above. All of the events that have been scheduled will reflect on your invoice if you have turned on that setting within your Invoice Builder. You can refer to the following article to learn more about making these adjustments to your invoices.

We are very excited about how easy it is now to schedule multiple events to your jobs. This will make it easier for manage any multi-day jobs that are being scheduled. Please do let us know if you have any further questions to this and we are always happy to assist.

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