You have created your own cart template and now you want to apply it to an order. (If you have not created a cart template yet please check out this article on how to do so <link to the related article 'How to create a cart template'>)

You have the ability to apply a cart template to both Quote/Estimate Orders and Job Orders. To do this click on the 'New Job' button which can be found in the top right-hand corner of the screen and select New Estimate with Option to apply a cart template to an estimate or select New Job with Option to apply a cart template to a job.

After choosing either New Estimate with Option or New Job with Option you can then name your estimate or job, attach a lead or a customer to the estimate or job, and here is where you can also choose the cart template you want to attach. If you know the name of your cart template you can type it into the search field to select it, alternatively, you can click the dropdown arrow and choose which cart template you wish to apply.

Once you have clicked the 'Create' button after selecting the cart template you want to use, your Estimate or Job will be displayed with line items and prices you have preset when you created the cart template.

*Important to note, that you can still add additional line items and services to the cart even if you are using a cart template.

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