It is now easier than ever to create new orders. As a user, you now have the ability to create orders directly from the calendar within the Home menu using the drag and drop feature. To create a new order on the calendar start by clicking on the Home tab and selecting the calendar option. From there go to your desired date, then left-click and drag the cursor to choose the time you wish to schedule the new order.

After selecting the time of the order you will be given the choice of creating a Personal Event, an Interaction Event, an Event with a Quote, or an Event with an Order, as seen above. By selecting 'Create an Event with an Order' you will open a form to allow you to enter in basic job information e.g. assigning employees or assigning a resource.

Finally, once you have entered the relevant information you can click on the 'New Job'

button to create your new order. By doing this you will be brought to your new order.

We are more than happy to help on The support team is more than happy to help if you have any further questions about creating an order directly on the calendar, so please don't hesitate to chat in and ask.

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