Recurring Orders are great way to have those orders/jobs that you perform the same job every week or so. To begin you will have to create your first order which your Recurring Series will be built off of. 

Example: Performing the same Great Service every Saturday, and get paid upon job completion.

To create a Recurring Order, you can go to:
 Manage Tab -> Order/Job Settings -> convert to recurring. 

After you confirm by clicking the Check Mark, you will see a new Recurring Tab appear on your order workflow bar. 

Now we will have to click on the Edit Pencil (Green Box highlighted above) to configure our Recurring Order.

The Frequency is how often this order will occur:
Daily - If you want your event to be recreated every 2 days, 3 days, 4 days. etc...
Weekly - Bi-Weekly (2), Quarterly (13), and also define which day(s) of the week
Monthly - Specify a day, date, or a week of the month
Yearly- Choose a date for once a year

Below you are able to choose what items are copied from this master/first order of the recurring series. 

  • Notes

  • Scheduled Events

  • Order Cart

  • Scheduled Payments

  • Bulk Discount

  • Order State

  • Pipeline Settings

The Start and End date is the duration of this Recurring Series, the expiration notification will be sent out on the specified amount of days before that End Date (This is not for your customer, it is a reminder so yourself that is series is ending). 

The Lead Time is how many days before that next event will BPro create that order. So if you book your calendar months in advance you may want a higher lead time of 60 days. Your calendar will have this recurring order's events created and scheduled 60 days in advance.

After you confirm your configuration by clicking the Check Mark, you will be able to see how your Recurring Series turned out. Depending on the Lead Time you had set, you will see all of the orders that have been created under "Recurring Orders" this will also generate a "Series Invoice" below. 

If you are in one of the orders part of a recurring series and edit it by adjust the cart, notes, scheduled events, or payments (any of the items you choose to copy from the master order) it will ask if you want this change to only be on that order or affect all future orders. 

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