There are many companies that work on the basis of accepting a deposit. To record taking a deposit in BPro, there is a very simple process!

Accept the Payment: Right off the bat, all we're recording here is that we have accepted money from the customer. This will help with our cash flow by looking at our money coming in. To accept a payment, go into the order, and on the Checkout Tab you will find the "Accept Payment" button.

     - It is important to leave proper notes, and mark the correct method of payment,          so when it comes time to collect the final amount, you can differentiate                    between the method of payment for the deposit vs. final amount.

     - You are also able to refund the deposit and take a new method of payment for           the full amount. So if you need to refund a credit card or cheque deposit, you             can. On the Checkout Tab, scroll to the bottom and click on the Payment History tile on the right side.

Once you have accepted a deposit, there is an option to show "Received Payments" on our invoices. This will show exactly when the money was given, how much, and will include notes to give an explanation for what that money is for. In the screenshot attached, you will see that this payment is noted as "50% deposit on file". This can then be sent to a customer so they are aware of the balance owing.

 It is also important to note the difference in what is to be considered "Recognized Revenue". Basic accounting principles dictate that revenue can only be recognized upon completion of service. That is when we can say the customer truly owes us the money. If they pay beforehand, great, but the revenue itself is only to be recognized when we perform the service.

Our system allows you to accept payments in advance (deposits) and have that amount reflected on the invoice if you want (you can choose not to show received payments when you send it out if you prefer, it will depend on the template you select). It is also shown across the top order process so it's easy to recognize for the techs.                                      

Cart vs. Checkout balance

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