If you are in an industry that has a high volume of tips, it's important to be able to account for them. While we don't have a specific 'tips' feature in Better, we can show you the best way to log and account for them in the Better system.

Scenario: The customer has an order valued at $100 total but would like to pay you $120 by check or credit card, in order to pay a trip to the staff that performed the work.

What to do: 1. Create or Activate a Payment Type in your system called 'Tips'. See this brief, related article on Creating Payment Types.

2. Accept Payment on the order for the full amount of the customer payment. Manually enter $120 in the 'amount paid' field. (This is helpful so that your recorded payment in Better matches the amount that will be deposited to your bank account).

3. In the 'Payments section of the job, click the refund button and refund the over-payment amount, ($20). Set the Refund 'payment method' as 'Tips', enter the refund amount of $20, and consider adding a note which references the check number or who the tip is to be paid to.

4. Success - Your tip has been recorded as a refund! While not a true refund, this method for recording tips will not impact sales or revenue figures in your system. This method ensures the tip is properly documented on the associated order (always referenceable in the payment history).

The order's balance owing is also now balanced out at $0 and the job can be fully closed.

You can also track the refunded tips applied in your system from our 'Accepted Payments' report. Here, you can filter by the 'tips' payment type and view the payments broken out per/order (data layout), or viewed as totals (summary layout).

If you have any questions on how to record tips using the refund method, please chat into our support team!

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