First off, let's get to the Location Builder. It is located under the Customize tab on the left navigation bar, and will be either labelled as Location Builder, BPro Settings, or some variation of those, depending on how your store was set up.

Now that we're here in the Location Builder section, click on the highlighted option to enter the Branding area.

The first section of the branding area is to control the overall color theme of whole system. There are currently twelve colors to pick from, and more will be included down the road.

Next are the visible branding forms you can control, the Banner and Logo of your company.

Your Logo will appear at the top left of the program, as well as show up on the invoice if you want it to.

Your Banner will show up at the top of the screen when you are in the system. You can not only create a rolling spectrum of banners (that can change every day between a number of options of your choosing), but you can also set a link to it so that when you (or any of your franchisees) click on the banner, it takes them to a website of your choosing.

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