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Where do I find jobs for the day/week/month?
Where do I find jobs for the day/week/month?

How do I see orders for the day by employee, mobile unit, and printing!

Written by Paul Premachuk
Updated over a week ago

There are a few ways to see orders for the day/week/month, or any date range you prefer.  The most efficient way is to go to the Calendar, and use the filters and functions on that page to accomplish your given task.

To see all orders for the day, navigate to the calendar and you'll see all the orders scheduled on the calendar.  Hint: Please see the "Exploring Your Calendar" article for more information on how to navigate within the calendar.  If you wish to see orders for an individual employee, you can use the search bar to do so!  Simply type in the employees name, hit 'Enter' and the calendar will show only orders which are he/she is assigned to within the time frame shown.

If you wish to filter by mobile unit, that's simple as well!  Click the 'choose filters' and selecting the mobile unit(s) you wish to see:

To print, you can see a printer-friendly (filtered, if you wish) list from the "Agenda" tab on the calendar.  Navigate to the Agenda, and use the 'print' button in the upper-right hand corner of the list. This will not print an invoice, it will print our Agenda format:

After clicking on the print button, you'll see a page that looks like this, which can be printed:

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