Being noteworthy is how you stay ahead of the competition. Keeping notes is how you get there! 

We know that and we've made our system more than capable of keeping all of the notes you need and in all of the places you want! 

Where can I add notes? That's a question we get a lot, currently there are over 8 different places you can add notes; Customer Notes, Order Notes, Customer List, Scheduler/Dispatch, Address Notes, Discount Notes, Item Notes, Invoice Notes. 

That's a lot! Now a lot of these notes can be toggled on and off for your customers to see, i.e. product/service notes, or event notes in the scheduler/dispatch. Many of these settings are found in our Invoice Builder

 There is however a place to keep secret notes that will not be shown to the customer, that's in the customer profile.

When you create notes in the customer profile these are hidden at all times from the customer and will not be displayed on invoices, quotes, work orders etc.

Another Incredible place to keep notes is in our Customer Property section. Here you can add an asset as property to a customer and for you to keep note of. This can help you become the most detail oriented business in the market. Take a look below!

 Keeping detailed and consistent notes can keep you ahead of the competition but more importantly, keep your customers happy. 

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