Depending on the labels in your store this can be called many things but by default it is called Customer Property. 

If you want to learn how to create one, please click here!

When you are in an order, you can click on the Customer tab on the workflow bar and there you will find the Customer Property tile. 

Simply click on the circle beside the property picture and it will be assigned to the order. You will see a little message in the top right corner confirming it saved.

If selected this information can be displayed on the invoice template as well, you may need to made some alterations to your template first. Please click here to learn how to use the Invoice Builder.

After you have assigned the property to an order, you will be able to see an order history so that specifically. Just click on the property name and you will see the information drop down. 

If it is a heavily used property you can click on the right side page icon (shown with arrow above) to choose how many results display.

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