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(NOP) How do I assign a Customer Property to an order?
(NOP) How do I assign a Customer Property to an order?

Also known as Vehicle Profile, Car, Event Details, and Vehicle.

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The Customer Property feature allows you to create profiles of anything related to your client. Often they are used to create a profile of something they own, like their house or their car. Assigning a property profile to an order allows you to track that a property's association/history to certain jobs. When a client has multiple property profiles, assigning the right one to the right job becomes further useful.

If you want to learn how to create one, please click here!

When you are in an order, you can click on the Customer Property section under their profile information on the left. You can add/create a property profile here as well.

To assign the property profile to the quote/job, simply click on the circle beside the property picture and it will be assigned to the order. You will see a little message in the top of the page confirming it saved.

If selected this information can be displayed on the invoice template as well, you may need to made some alterations to your template first. Please click here to learn how to use the Invoice Builder.

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